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Facilitate higher production volumes and reduce quality and process problems.

Solutions that meet your specific needs

Optimize production with InfinityQS
When you collect and analyse your process data, you’ll be provided with manufacturing insights you’ve never known before—information that can help you transform the quality of your manufacturing processes and optimise them for reliability, efficiency, throughput, product quality, and equipment health.
InfinityQS® provides the means to access that insight—across one production line, an entire site, or multiple sites.
Automate data collection with InfinityQS
Consistent, reliable data is essential for uncovering critical information for any manufacturing process. So why use paper and spreadsheets that can introduce human errors and delays?
With InfinityQS, you can automate data collection from processes across your plants and production lines. Then, use a variety of user-configurable reports that unveil useful information from any of your collection devices. You'll be "in the know" and armed with information you can use to reduce downtime, costs, and risk.
Reduce costs, risk, and downtime with InfinityQS
The earlier you can detect potential quality problems and related costs, the faster you can eliminate them.
Along with extensive data collection and analysis capabilities, InfinityQS provides automated alerts and real-time notification of issues so you can keep them from  turning into big problems. By optimising processes, you can minimise rework and recalls and maximise machine and process availability.
Improve compliance with InfinityQS
In today’s global marketplace, compliance is increasingly complex and important. Mistakes that put product on hold slow production and can even cost your customers—and you—business.
By unveiling quality insights, InfinityQS gives you the ability to closely monitor and manage compliance activities and adhere to critically important regulatory requriements.
Improve Yield with InfinityQS
You want to get more product out the door faster. But if quality slips, you’ll find that product in the scrap bin, stuck in re-inspection, and negatively affecting yield.
InfinityQS solutions help you to maximise process and product quality so that your production line—and your business—keeps humming.

Support your teams

Expanded visibility
Get fast, on-demand information and visibility for specific machines, production lines, and processes in any plants and in any region throughout your enterprise.
Successful compliance
Improve responsiveness to equipment, line, and process issues and meet compliance requirements and deadlines.
Improved predictability
Use strategic analysis to predict the effect of factors such as tool wear, chemical depletion, and more.
Increased efficiency
Increase yield, reduce costs and downtime, and minimise or prevent scrap, rework, and recalls.
Better analytics
Correlate process and product data to ensure thorough analyses and support process optimisation studies.
Trace quality data from raw materials through finished goods. Trace which products and materials were run on specific lines, shifts, regions, plants, and machines.
Maximised resources
Enhance resource utilisation by tracking process status and equipment downtime.
Notifications and alerts
Set real-time notifications to improve responsiveness and support your unique manufacturing needs.

Platform benefits and features

Easily and quickly access quality-related data

Easily and quickly access quality-related data

Gain valuable information from any device and monitor defects, compliance violations and summary analytics from a “single pane of glass.” 

InfinityQS Remote Alarm Monitor Service (RAMS)

Prevent downtime and improve response times

Get real-time analysis and alarms from the InfinityQS Remote Alarm Monitor Service (RAMS).


Easily analyze improvements and weak spots

Easily analyse improvements and weak spots

Access quality-data across the plant to produce a variety of reports and enable long-term quality studies.


View compliance at any level

View compliance at any level

Get meaningful metrics for audits, certifications, and programs such as Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.


Reduce time demands on your staff

Reduce time demands on your staff

Get self-service functionality as well as superior product and feature support.


Take the first step from quality to excellence

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