Enterprise Visibility

Unify quality data for visibility into every product and process.

Unify Quality Data and Expand Enterprise Visibility

When you unify all your quality-related data into one standardised and centralised database, you can visualise more than the quality of a single product. You get real-time visibility of your entire enterprise, from end-to-end.

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Want to see how shared visibility from the shop floor to the boardroom can activate improvements across your entire organisation? Follow the Excellence Loop and discover where Re-Imagining Quality can lead.
Get end-to-end, real-time visibility into quality operations throughout your entire enterprise by aggregating data from your production lines, laboratories, supply chain, packaging, and finished products.
Enterprise Visibility | InfinityQS Excellence Loop
Simplify and standardise data collection
Centralise and standardise product data such as defect codes, product names, traceability fields, specification limits, control limits, and so on. New information is instantly updated, and users can easily comply with system and regulatory requirements for enterprise-wide data collection and analysis.
Reduce time to respond to issues
Get easy, On-Demand access to specific machine, production line, and process quality data. A single, Unified Data Repository enables quick access to real-time and historical data for any machine, product, process, or location. Plus, set real-time notifications for improved responsiveness.
Easily integrate with existing infrastructure
Save money and time thanks to InfinityQS solutions’ easy integration with your manufacturing, database, and Quality Management Systems. Simply deploy InfinityQS in your existing infrastructure; whether On-Premise or On-Demand, our flexible solutions support communications with the systems you already use.

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Want to see how enterprise-wide visibility can lead to a complete business transformation? Follow the Excellence Loop and discover where Re-Imagining Quality can lead.

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