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Nestlé Waters

Unifying real-time visibility across 26 factories

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Nestlé Waters, the world’s leading bottled water company, has built a solid reputation on the quality and purity of its products. Established in 130 countries, with a portfolio of 72 brands, Nestlé Waters continues to meet consumer needs by keeping its wide variety of products flowing through strong distribution channels.

Nestlé Waters has 100 manufacturing sites operating in 38 countries. With 2007 sales of over $10 billion and a market share of 19.2%, Nestlé Waters has emerged as a substantial player in the flourishing bottled water market.

The challenge
Nestlé Waters had been using a cumbersome paper-based system to collect and analyze data. When issues arose that required immediate attention, Nestlé Waters’ quality engineers had to disrupt operators on the production line to retrieve the necessary data. Nestlé Waters’ goal was to implement a system that would allow them to easily monitor, review, and trend real-time quality data. Additionally, Nestlé Waters needed to standardize on one solution across all of their facilities to complement their existing IT infrastructure. They were operating in both LAN and WAN environments and needed to maintain their IT framework.

The solution
After a thorough needs/analysis evaluation, Nestlé Waters determined that InfinityQS® ProFicient™ best satisfied their criteria for quality documentation and analysis.

The IT department played a vital role during all stages of the implementation. From an IT standpoint, the implementation focused on two separate manufacturing units: Retail Manufacturing and Home and Office Manufacturing. They spread the implementation across 16 Retail sites as well as eight Home and Office sites and integrated them with corporate headquarters.

Nestlé Waters Retail objectives were to:
  • Upgrade all factories to the latest release
  • Organize the purchase of all the PCs required for the work stations
  • Image new PCs to the Nestlé standard and install InfinityQS
  • Ensure that the project leader had all necessary rights and permissions to access the servers

Nestlé Waters Home and Office objectives were to:
  • Format existing servers
  • Install SQL databases and InfinityQS on the servers
  • Purchase new PCs, image, put users in the user group, and grant necessary permissions and access

As part of the organizational effort, IT planned hardware purchases in advance to ensure that servers were set up, racked, and usable prior to trial production runs.

On the shop floor, emphasis was put on location of the workstations to facilitate efficient and effective workflow.
  • Central SPC solution allows visibility of production processes across multiple factories.
  • Real-time visibility tools allow for more effective decision making.
  • Computerized data output eliminates need for manual documentation.
  • Reduction in manual documentation increases overall efficiency.
  • Real-time alarms with assignable cause and corrective action entries streamline quality control process

The results
With InfinityQS ProFicient in place, Nestlé Waters now has real-time visibility over production processes—both within the individual sites and from the corporate level across 26 factories. By tracking trends in quality data, they are able to make more accurate and timely decisions about process improvements.

Nestlé Waters is using InfinityQS ProFicient to review sampling frequency optimization and in-line monitoring as well as to track the following projects:
  • Cap Torque and application analysis from retail factories, comparing different cap vendors
  • Light-weight bottle initiative to optimize process and ultimately reduce unnecessary full bottle testing
  • Automatically capture air consumption process data, using analysis functions to optimize production processes

Other improvements have come at a practical level. “You can read the data rather than having to decipher the writing of 150 different people. The data is at your fingertips,” said Julie Chapman, Quality Systems Manager at Nestlé Waters..

Nestlé Waters is also taking full advantage of ProFicient’s real-time alarms. Any events that occur require assignable cause and corrective action entries. Shop floor operators review, evaluate, and respond to any events that occur before they cause quality issues.
“It is ultimately easier for the operator. Even with the minimal computer skills many of the operators had in the beginning, the overwhelming consensus is that they prefer using InfinityQS over a paper system.”
Julie Chapman, Quality Systems Manager,
Nestlé Waters

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