Quality Event Dashboard

See quality events in real-time across the manufacturing enterprise.

The InfinityQS® Quality Event Dashboard provides a real-time view of quality events across your entire manufacturing enterprise. Give managers, supervisors, and other key quality team personnel fast, visualised information about where process events are assigned during specified periods.

Quality Event Dashboard features

Learn how Quality Event Dashboard features support real-time monitoring of manufacturing processes.

Intuitive display

Get a complete overview of parts and processes

Using an intuitive graphical display, Quality Event Dashboard displays continuous, real-time information about all ProFicient process events. You get a complete overview of a single production line or the entire production floor. Open and examine process event details and drill down to more detailed data charts by clicking on process event icons displayed on the screen. Specify refresh rates, time windows, background images, handling frames, process objects, and display elements. Print process activity reports or export them as text or HTML files.

u-Chart of Major Defects

Real-time process review

Get a time-ordered list of the day’s required quality checks

You can configure Quality Event Dashboard projects to group processes by facility, department, production line, or any other logical section of the production system, so that you can quickly check the status of all processes within the grouping. For the InfinityQS administrator, process control engineer, or technician monitoring process control, the Quality Event Dashboard is the primary tool for real-time process review.

Graphically updated event status

Use icons to indicate status

Quality Event Dashboard displays processes with specific icons to indicate event status (i.e. whether the event requires Assignable Cause Codes—ACCs—or Corrective Action Codes—CACs) and to flag the event as open or closed. Users can view active processes or parts, open events, and other activities, including assigned ACCs/CACs and who assigned them.

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