Mobile Data Collection

Collect data from anywhere using standard mobile devices.

Manufacturers and suppliers can simply enter data into any mobile device or web browser—without the need to install additional software.

Mobile Data Collection features

Learn how Mobile Data Collection features, available with ProFicient on Demand, can extend your data-collection capabilities.
Untethered data collection from any location

Untethered data collection from any location

Enter data from any web browser

Mobile Data Collection enables untethered, real-time data collection from any browser or mobile device, anywhere in the world. Easily configurable, it extends the data collection function to any mobile worker.

Mobile notifications

Easy collaboration

Work with mobile notifications to enhance collaborative efforts

Problem-solving activities are driven by data. Without it, corrective actions are virtually impossible. With Mobile Device Collection, you get instantaneous access to all data surrounding an event, even when it occurs in non-automated process equipment far from the main process activities.

More complete traceability

More complete traceability

Extend the ability to “slice and dice” data up and down the manufacturing chain

Typically, organizations like to associate traceability fields, such as the shift, lot code, or batch, to their quality data. With mobile access, vendors and suppliers can associate a common traceability field to the materials they supply to your manufacturing processes. From raw materials and subcomponents to final product assembly, data is collected from any mobile device and passed to a shared database. This traceability dramatically improves the ability to track down problems and minimize recalls or delayed production.

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