Control Chart Dashboard

A single, configurable interface for monitoring production quality from an operator or manager’s workstation.

Easily interpret data with this real-time monitoring interface that highlights via colour-coding control charts that are in alarm. Get early indication of potential improvements or need for investigation into root causes through this key tool for quality control, Lean manufacturing, and Six Sigma efforts.

Control Chart Dashboard features

Learn how Control Chart Dashboard features support real-time monitoring and analysis.
u-Chart of Major Defects

Device-specific charts

Gain an extensive view of device testing data

When a workstation computer connects to a single test device or multiple devices in a work centre, use Control Chart Dashboard to view real-time charts of the most recent test information. See changing information from different devices as they push test values into ProFicient. Operators can also manually navigate any process that was recently run on the workstation computer.

Workstation-specific charts

Maintain a real-time view of workstation quality control activities

For quality control personnel monitoring activities across an entire shop floor, real-time charts provide the most recent test information from workstations. Shop-floor supervisors can also manually navigate to any workstation to see its most recent activity.

Role-specific views

Configure views and access according to role

Configure Control Chart Dashboard to behave differently depending on the user. For example, a supervisor whose role is configured with department-level access might have access only to quality data that relates to that department. You can set database access to Administrator, Database, Company, Division, Site, or Department.

Tailored, visual information

See the data you need in the way you need

With minimal setup, configure Control Chart Dashboard to automatically scroll through all the charts that make up your InfinityQS® deployment. Group available charts by part or process, with data gathered from a single workstation or the entire database. Set a timeframe for the search and a refresh rate for automatic sequencing from one chart to another, as well as the number of points to include. Coloured backgrounds indicate whether subgroups are within or outside control limits.

Specifics at your fingertips

Drill down into raw data as needed

In addition to seeing control charts by group, you can drill down into any chart for more details—raw data, another copy of the chart, capability or Pareto charts—and report for specific items when viewing variable data.

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