Using an electronic interface to directly connect a gauging device to InfinityQS®, or any other software application, will greatly enhance your real-time data collection ability. An electronic interface will minimise collection times and eliminate errors typically associated with manual data collection.

Multiple-channel electronic gauge interfaces, typically referred to as gauge multiplexers, allow you to connect multiple gauging devices to a single serial communication port on your computer.
Multiplexers allow you to collect data from up to 16 devices when you need to connect to legacy systems that are not wireless-enabled.

InfinityQS Mux2/4 Gauge Multiplexers

The InfinityQS Mux2/4 line of advanced gauge interfaces incorporates 32-bit microprocessor technology, giving our gauge interfaces advanced features not normally found in gauge multiplexers at any price.
Coupled with our highly respected support services and reputation for quality, you can be assured that our InfinityQS Mux2/4 gauge interfaces will provide years of trouble-free service.
4-Channel Universal Gauge Multiplexer: Front panel

4-Channel Universal Gauge Multiplexer: Front panel
  • Mux2: 2 - 10 pin input connectors
  • Mux4: 4 - 10 pin input connectors
  • Footswitch Jack (2.5mm) per input
  • Data Send LED per input
4-Channel Universal Gauge Multiplexer: Back panel

4-Channel Universal Gauge Multiplexer: Back panel
  • Port+, DB9M RS232 Connector
  • Output, DB9F RS232 Connector, USB
  • Power Jack
  • Reset Button
  • Power LED


Standard features
  • Universal connection of up to 5 Digital/Serial Tools per InfinityQS Mux (e.g., Calipers, Micrometers, Scales, and so forth)
  • Trigger data by individual port or globally; all gauges are connected
  • Dynamic operating modes include MIN, MAX, and TIR
  • Standard RS232 output including gauge ID for SPC analysis
Advanced features
The InfinityQS Mux2/4 incorporates many advanced features beyond those of competing devices. In fact, many of our customers find these features so valuable, they say we are in a league of our own.

•    High speed MIN/MAX/TIR readings—simultaneously on all gauges
•    Average/Range output
•    Inch-to-Millimeter conversion
•    Supply power to gauge inputs
•    Host request readings
•    Take continuous readings
•    Sign change of data
•    Advanced math functions
•    Global data sending
•    Custom features available upon request
The InfinityQS Mux2/4 connects digital gauges such as Mitutoyo, Fowler, Federal Maxum, Chicago Dial Indicator, Mahr, Starrett, Brown & Sharp, and more, along with serial devices like scales, balances, counters, coordinate measuring machines, and others. 

These digital and serial devices can be mixed or matched side by side, giving you complete control of your data collection process.
The Port+ feature can be used as an extra input to connect a serial device such as a scale, or it can be used to connect multiple interfaces to a single serial port on your computer.
The universal input of the InfinityQS Mux2/4 allows greater flexibility for selecting gauging to better fit your system requirements. The InfinityQS Mux2/4 converts the reading from any gauge connected into a standardised output format that can be read by virtually all SPC applications.
With Connect 'n Collect ease, the InfinityQS Mux2/4 is ready to collect data right out of the box. No more struggling with DIP switches, and no need to install special configuration software. The InfinityQS Mux2/4 is shipped ready to use, with power supply and cable for easy connection to your computer.

Product Specifications - InfinityQS Mux2/4

Universal Gauge Input​
  • Connect digital gauges from Mitutoyo, Fowler, Federal Maxum, Chicago Dial Indicator, Mahr, Starrett, Brown & Sharpe, and more
  • Connect serial devices such as weight scales, balances, counters, coordinate measuring machines, and other serial output devices
  • Each port individually configured
Output Format
  • 26 ASCII character, comma separated output:
    • NNNN,####.#####,MMMMM,PP<cr><lf>
  • NNNN - Reading Number, 4 characters
  • ####.##### - Reading Value, 10 characters
  • MMMMM - Output Mode, 5 characters
  • PP - Multiplexer Port Number, 2 characters
  • <cr><lf> - Record Terminator (Carriage Return + Line Feed), 2 characters
Computer Port Settings
  • Baud: 9600, Parity: None, Data Bits: 8 and Stop Bits: 1; i.e. 9600,n,8,1
Data Sending
  • All readings can be triggered by gauge send button, remote footswitch, or host commands
  • Readings can be taken in individual or global mode
Power Input Requirements
  • 7 to 9 volts DC (vDC)
  • 300 milliamps
  • Positive (+) center tap
  • 5 ½" L x 5 ½" W x 1 ½" H

Optional Units Available
  • Mitutoyo only
  • Data send button per input
  • Analog input

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