Gauge Interface Hardware

Automate and streamline data collection in any environment

The equipment, gauges, and handheld devices on your shop floor are the source of all your valuable quality data. Bringing all that data together—from any source, in any format—is our specialty.

InfinityQS® offers a variety of options for automating your data collection for both On-Premises and On-Demand Quality Management. We provide wired or wireless gauge interface solutions that establish connectivity between your shop floor and the Unified Data Repository.

The Connected Plant

Flexible and dynamic options allow you to fully automate data collection or combine automated and manual data collection to optimise both equipment and manpower in your existing environment.
The Connected Plant with InfinityQS

Mix and match: Get the right hardware interface for your environment.

InfinityQS offers expert support for facilities that have multiple data collection needs, hybrid environments, and legacy systems in place. Take a look at our highly flexible and convenient solutions.
InfinityQS Wireless Gauge

Ready to go wireless?

Our wireless gauging products are designed specifically for industrial and manufacturing environments and work with a wide variety of gauges.

Learn about wireless gauges
InfinityQS Multiple-channel electronic gauge interfaces

Need a hard-wired connection?

Multiple-channel electronic gauge interfaces, or gauge multiplexers, allow you to connect multiple gauging devices to a single serial communication port on your computer.

Learn about  multiplexers

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