Quality Control in Manufacturing

To compete in the global marketplace, manufacturers need global transformation.

General Manufacturing Quality Control

Manufacturing quality control solutions from InfinityQS help reduce recalls, improve product consistency and reduce costs.

Regardless of whether you have one manufacturing plant or multiple plants across the globe, you face:

  • Increasing global competition
  • A need to produce the highest quality products
  • A continual need to drive down costs
  • Supplies sourced from across globe
Quality managers in all kinds of manufacturing companies—including those making roller bearings, refrigeration compressors, building products, bicycles, athletic footwear, and flash drives—rely on InfinityQS® Statistical Process Control (SPC) software to help them:
  • Improve quality data collection
  • Proactively prevent nonconformities
  • Better monitor, analyse, and report on quality metrics


General Manufacturing Quality Control

InfinityQS’s industrial statisticians and application engineers have real-world manufacturing experience in a broad array of industries, including short-run or high-mix/low-volume production environments where SPC can be especially challenging. We can apply our vast knowledge of quality intelligence to improve your most pressing manufacturing quality control challenges.

General Cable saved on raw materials by decreasing inconsistencies.

Real-time visibility into the manufacturing process to control quality and reduce costs

InfinityQS automates real-time data collection and analysis on the shop floor to enable the early detection of problems, so the team can take action to prevent additional defects and nonconformities. This early prevention reduces scrap, rework, and recalls, providing significant savings to the bottom line.

Manufacturers using InfinityQS solutions improve their quality control and reduce the risk of recall by dramatically reducing process variation. And ProFicient’s Lot Genealogy and Reporting functionality minimises recall costs by enabling tracking of raw material lot codes throughout the manufacturing process. Based on these cost reductions and quality control measures in production, you’ll be able to demonstrate a significant return on investment within a very short timeframe.

Real-time visibility to reduce costs

In a recent survey of our customer base, customers reported they reduced their scrap by an average rate of 12.7% per week. They also reported an average 14.3% reduction in man-hours for rework.

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

InfinityQS solutions eliminate paper-based data collection and storage systems by automating data collection through electronic gauges, PLCs, mobile devices, or operator workstations. Not only does eliminating paper-based processes make operations less costly and more accurate, but it also makes audits, compliance, and reporting a much simpler task. (No more spreadsheets!)

InfinityQS is a key part of a Six Sigma effort to improve overall manufacturing quality control, customer satisfaction, and productivity every day.

Operational efficiency and continuous improvement

With InfinityQS solutions, all quality data is stored in a single Unified Data Repository, which can also pull data from disparate systems, allowing users to:
  • More closely monitor and analyse processes
  • Prioritise quality improvement efforts
  • Deliver continuous process improvements

Reporting and analytics

InfinityQS provides real-time and accurate data from the shop floor to the corner office. Quality managers gain real-time visibility within plants and across plants, even on a global basis, to proactively:
  • Compare production line capability
  • Ensure product consistency
  • Reduce costs
Our customers gain the biggest improvements and cost savings by evaluating statistical data from a higher level—comparing performance across plants, processes, shifts, parts, and lots to find the next biggest opportunities for reducing costs and minimising waste.
InfinityQS Reporting and Analytics

With InfinityQS cloud-based solutions, manufacturers can gain real-time visibility into their suppliers’ shop floor quality data before nonconforming product even ships. This enhanced level of supplier monitoring can eliminate acceptance sampling, improve quality control, and reduce inventories resulting in additional cost savings.

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