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Is rapid growth threatening your ability to produce great beer?

When you run a rapidly growing craft brewery, you have new opportunities: wider distribution, more customers, more profit. But you also face new challenges. InfinityQS Enact can help.

Increase consistency
Collect data from across your brewery, so you can monitor and manage the consistency of your products as production increases.
Prevent data overload
Get easy access to all your production quality data, in one place and in real time—something you just can’t get from paper and spreadsheets.
Implement best practices
Spot process trends that indicate the need for improvements or highlight strengths, so you can prioritize your efforts and implement best practices.
Minimize waste
Translate quality data into information you can use to minimize the expense and problems of wasted product and catch problems before they ruin product.
Respond to regulations
Get cloud-based, mobile access and aggregated storage that enables fast access to data, so you can quickly respond to audits and meet regulatory demands.
Maintain affordability
Enact is an affordable solution that you can implement and begin using quickly, with no downtime, no infrastructure upgrades, and an easy learning curve.

InfinityQS has nearly 30 years’ experience helping manufacturers improve the quality of their processes and products. We’ve brought our extensive knowledge of the food and beverage industry to the craft brewery sector. We understand the issues that growing brewers face, and we’ve designed a solution that meets your needs—now and going forward. InfinityQS Enact enables you to collect, analyze, and report all your process data, quickly and affordably:

  • Speed ROI, starting at just $65/license/month.
  • Get up and running quickly with Enact’s easy-to-learn, easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Reduce IT burden with cloud-based deployment and extensive self-help and user support.
  • Help prevent problems that sap profit, like overfill and inefficient processes.
  • Integrate your quality system with other business systems such as ERP.
  • Deliver remote/mobile capabilities for instant access to data in and out of the brewery.
  • Support expanded production across new lines or even new sites and international locations.


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