Why Choose InfinityQS?

Outstanding features, greater choice
Choosing a quality management software solution? You’ll likely find many options for adding statistical process control (SPC). But before you buy a solution, ask whether it can truly help you see the bigger picture of your manufacturing quality — across processes, lines, and sites.

With InfinityQS®, you’ll learn what industry giants like Quaker, Nestlé Waters, Ben & Jerry’s, Alcan, Trek, Emerson, SanDisk, and Medtronic already know: The best quality solutions go beyond traditional SPC, providing a level of global visibility and insight that can transform your business.
These clients (and many others) trust InfinityQS to deliver a successful, industry-leading real-time SPC solution—and so much more:
  • We are the SPC leaders. No one provides better real-time SPC functionality than InfinityQS.
  • We provide options for either on-premises or software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployments, giving you the power to customize your solution and keep your deployment simple.
  • When you’re ready to expand your initial deployment, we are the most experienced and successful at multisite and even worldwide deployments.
  • Our Unified Data Repository enables built-in enterprise quality visibility that is simply not available from other vendors.
  • Worried about cost? No need—our Enact® Quality Intelligence platform delivers scalable, affordable world-class value to price-sensitive and resource-limited clients.
  • Our expert application engineers help to ensure a successful deployment for any size client, from one site to hundreds, in any industry. We have superior domain knowledge in SPC, quality monitoring, and industry applications.

Choose between our on-premises ProFicient™ solution or Enact, our software-as-a-service Quality Intelligence platform. Whatever your needs, InfinityQS has the right solution—and the experience and support to make sure you get a maximum ROI, fast.

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Enact, Go Beyond SPC
Make quality your biggest advantage, not your biggest investment. Starting at just $65 per user, per month, the InfinityQS Enact Quality Intelligence platform is an affordable way to access some of the great features and functionality that InfinityQS is known for.

On-Premises Quality Management and SPC Software
InfinityQS ProFicient is the leading real-time statistical process control (SPC) solution, time-tested and trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Contact us for pricing information.

Measurable Results
InfinityQS has helped hundreds of companies around the globe fundamentally improve their manufacturing processes. Our clients report significant reductions in their costliest metrics1.

1 Source: InfinityQS Customer Survey, 2015
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