Unlock Profits Through Manufacturing Quality

Your quality procedures hold the key.
Successful manufacturing is about more than production; it’s also about quality. If your manufacturing quality procedures only catch problems after they occur, you’re missing out on the advantages that a true Quality Intelligence solution offers.
InfinityQS® has decades of experience helping manufacturers turn quality into a profit center. With our solutions, you gain a new level of visibility into your quality data—and the type of insights that can help you revitalize your quality procedures. As a result, you can pinpoint variances that indicate developing problems.
Plus, you can discover strengths to develop into best practices, so your manufacturing quality—and profits—reach their highest possible levels. Want to learn more? Contact us for a risk-free trial.
Two great solutions for improving your manufacturing quality
Choose between our on-premises ProFicient™ solution or Enact, our software-as-a-service Quality Intelligence platform. Whatever your needs, InfinityQS has the right solution—and the experience and support to make sure you get a maximum ROI, fast.
Enact, Go Beyond SPC
Make quality your biggest advantage, not your biggest investment. Starting at just $65 per user, per month, the InfinityQS Enact® Quality Intelligence platform is an affordable way to monitor and manage the quality processes within your manufacturing business.

On-Premises Quality Management and SPC Software
InfinityQS ProFicient™ is the leading real-time statistical process control (SPC) solution, time-tested and trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers. Contact us for pricing information.

Measurable Results
InfinityQS has helped hundreds of companies around the globe fundamentally improve their manufacturing processes. Our clients report significant reductions in their costliest metrics1.

1 Source: InfinityQS Customer Survey, 2015
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