​ProFicient: The Global Authority on Manufacturing Intelligence and Real-Time Enterprise Quality

ProFicient, the #1 Ranked SPC Software Platform
InfinityQS's enterprise quality hub, ProFicientTM, delivers real-time visibility on the shop floor, across the enterprise, and throughout the supply chain, allowing top manufacturers to take control of quality. Powered by a centralised Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis engine, ProFicient leverages Manufacturing Intelligence to help global manufacturers improve product quality, decrease costs, maintain compliance, and make strategic, data-driven business decisions. InfinityQS now serves more than 2,500 of the world’s top manufacturers with over 40,000 active licenses globally.

Highlighted ProFicient Features
> Statistical control charts and visuals
> Early-warning indicators
> Mobile data collection
> Supplier monitoring
> Quality event dashboards
> Customisable reports & visualisations
> Lot genealogy and traceability

Hi-Level ProFicient Benefits
> Cost reduction (scrap, rework, overfill, etc.)
> Recall prevention
> Machine-to-machine comparisons
> Supplier monitoring
> Smooth infrastructure integration
> Regulatory compliance
> Multi-plant integration

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