Accelerate Digital Transformation of Quality—with the Cloud

Drive manufacturing optimisation with the InfinityQS® Enact® Quality Intelligence platform.

How are cloud-based quality management solutions benefitting manufacturers in today’s challenging world?

Transform Your Manufacturing Operations with the Power of the Cloud

Enact is a cloud-native, SPC-driven solution that opens the door to true digital transformation and helps you optimise your manufacturing operations.

Streamline Compliance:  Centralised data lets you create reports and complete audits in minutes—instead of days.

Reduce Waste: Real-time data visibility enables teams to spot critical out-of-spec dimensions and prevent the need to scrap product.

Unparalleled Process Control: Data-driven insights across products, lines, and plants empower agile responses and process optimisations.

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Improve Quality, Optimise Processes, Reduce Costs, and Ensure Compliance

Right now, manufacturers are prioritising technology and infrastructure implementations to maximise agility, performance, productivity, and efficiency. Moving quality management to the cloud enables you to solve today’s biggest challenges—and adapt to new changes as they come.
 Here’s how Enact can help.
Support workers anywhere, anytime
Cloud-based quality monitoring and analysis enables operations and management employees to stay productive anywhere—on the plant floor and across the enterprise.
Maximize productivity
Automating routine activities—such as data collection, monitoring, and reporting—helps workers stay focused on vital tasks and empowers direct action when it’s needed.
Ensure agility in operations
Data-driven insights help speed responses to changes in demand, supply chain, and more while enabling ongoing improvements that reduce cost, waste, and giveaway.
Deploy Enact quickly—enterprise-wide
Enact is built for rapid rollout, and you can run new products, change data collections, and make information available across your production lines and plants—instantly.
Maintain product safety and quality
Regardless of the challenges and changes we face, quality and compliance never take a backseat. Enact helps reduce complexity for everyone—from operators to executives.

See Enact in Action

Designed for quick configuration and rollout, Enact is a practical choice to provide the visibility and intelligence you need.

Watch this short demo to see how Enact:

  • Empowers operators and improves efficiency with role-based dashboards
  • Fosters faster decision-making with visual analytics
  • Enables rapid responses to change with visibility across products, processes, and plants
  • Supports workers anywhere, anytime, through a browser-based interface
  • Enables quick rollout, adoption, and expansion with out-of-the box configuration


Real-time Data Visibility Across the Enterprise

Read how Strategic Materials, the largest glass recycler in North America, rolled out Enact quickly in more than 30 plants to take advantage of real-time data and streamline operations. 

Strategic Materials is the largest recycler of glass in North America. Enact unites their quality data via a cloud-based, cross-plant reporting system that shows the real-time info needed to make immediate process corrections—across 31 plants. With Enact, Strategic Materials can quickly make improvements and see those improvements take hold.

The company rolled out Enact quickly on a limited basis, then expanded it across facilities rapidly.

  • Within three months of Enact deployment, Strategic Materials was collecting and analysing data across 12 plants.
  • Enact is easy for the company’s quality technicians to use.
  • Their new cross-plant reporting system shows the real-time info needed to make immediate process corrections.
  • Unified reporting capabilities enable team members at all locations to see and share quality data from all plants.
  • Visibility into process capabilities enables leadership to closely monitor performance across facilities.
  • Instant availability of data and reports enables Strategic Materials to share information with customers easily.


Download the full case study and read about how Strategic Materials re-imagined quality with InfinityQS.

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Built on a proven Statistical Process Control (SPC) foundation, Enact delivers unparalleled data visibility across products, lines, and plants, providing the strategic insight you’ve never had before.

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